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Spine Strength & Stretch

Excellent 45 min Pilates session to help promote spinal health and strength. There is 35 min of exercises to strengthen and lengthen your spine. We will be moving in all planes of motion in order to keep the spine functioning at its peak performance. And there is a 10 min stretch sequence at the end to help open up your lower back. Don't worry - I've always got your back 😉

Pilates Basics 

Take a moment to deepen your practice and work on your flexibility. This session also can be done completely supine without curling your head so it is an excellent option and safe for anyone with spinal issues.

Supine Core

This 20 min session safely supports lower back strength and spinal health while remaining supine. You will learn to deepen you core connection without curling as this entire session can be done safely with your head down.

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