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Stretch Session

This is a 30min session of purely Stretching. If you have a tight back, hips or legs this is for YOU! Stretching and maintaining your flexibility is an integral part of your Pilates Practice - So I will guide you through a Full Body Stretch Series! Use this before or after your workouts or just on its own. Hope you enjoy and I have no doubt you will feel AMAZING After! 😌

15 Minute Lower Body Stretches

An excellent stretch series for anyone who is tight in their lower back, hips and legs. These stretches will help to open up your hips and lower back and stretch tight legs, hamstrings, and quads as well. Enjoy!

30 Minute Foam Roller Stretches

This Stretch Session includes ALL my favorite Foam Roller Stretches. We will Roll Out & Stretch your body from Head to Heels! You will feel ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE after!

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