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15 Min Abs, Legs, & Butt

Target: Burning Abs, Waistline trimming with some Oblique work, and beautiful side Booootay toning. Enjoy! 😉

Back Fat Burner 🔥

Target: Arms & Back

By popular demand and special request here is a 25 min arm and "back fat" burning session using a pair of 2-3lb weights. This series targets and tones your arms while also working to eliminate that unwanted back flab.

Extension included for back strengthening.

Lower Body & Extension

Target: Lower Body, Legs, Glutes, & Extension

10 Min Booty, Legs, Abs, Back and Extension work

Extension is so important for EVERYbody so make sure to get this work in on a weekly basis!

Full Body Express

Target: Legs, Arms, & Abs

20 Minute Arms, Abs, Glutes & Legs

With added stretches

Full Body Express

Target: Legs, Arms, & Abs

15 Minute Arms, Abs, Glutes & Legs

Full Body Express

Target: 20 Minute Full Body!

Pretty in Pink Arms & Abs

Target: Arms & Abs

This series will also help you work on your Pilates Teaser - finding that balance in your body and in your life!

30 Min Thighs, Glutes, & Abs

Target: Outer Thigh, Inner Thigh, Glutes, & Abs

This 30 minute session focuses on sculpting glamorous glutes, toning up your thighs, and creating a defined waistline.

Outer Thigh with Band

Target: Outer Thigh, Abs, & Arms

30 Min Workout

Target: Abs & Glutes

Funky Friday Abs-travaganza!

Target: Abs & Arms

If you are looking for an ab burn - look no further! 

Roll Up Progression & Ab Workout

Target:  Abs, Inner Thighs & Arms

If you are working on perfecting your Roll Up - this is the perfect series for you! It gives you a progression to follow as you advance your roll up with various modifications and challenges. Keep those legs down! Practice, practice, practice and I promise you will get there!! Good Luck! 

Funky Friday Pilates - Abs & Glutes

Target: Abs & Glutes

This is a series that alternates between Abs & Booty. When you can’t choose one or the other why not do both! 😁

Ab Series with Small Weights

Pilates Ab Series with Light Hand Weights (1-3lbs)

Target: Legs, Butt, Inner Thigh, Arms and Abs

Magic Circle Inner & Outer Thighs

Standing Inner & Outer Thigh Series with a Magic Circle. Not only is this series excellent for toning up your thighs and legs, it is a great way to work on your core strength and balance!

Target: Inner & Outer Thigh as well as Core Strength & Balance

Funky Friday Pilates - Abs & Arms

Ab Series using a circular resistance band to tone the arms at the same time. Grab your band and let’s multitask!

Kneeling Glute & Inner Thigh

Target: Legs, Butt, Inner Thigh, Arms and Abs

Funky Friday - Kneeling Arms, Abs, & Glutes

Target: Arms, Abs, & Booty

Seated Side Leg Series

Target: Legs, Booty, & Obliques

This seated side leg series works on hip strength and stability while toning up your glutes and also sneaking in some great obliques for waistline trimming :)

Funky Friday - Fancy Legwork

Target: Legs, Abs, Core, & Triceps

This series is great for helping with hip strength, stability, and mobility - all while working those abdominals!

Lakeside Triceps & Reverse Plank

Target: Arms, Legs, Abs, & Booty

Funky Friday - Arm Series

Target: Arms & Abs

Magic Circle Arms

Target: Arms, Shoulders, Upper Back, & Core

Funky Friday - Arms & Glutes

Target: Arms, Shoulders, Core & Glutes

Memorial Day Mat Pilates Ab Series

Target: Core

Funky Friday - Kneeling Glutes

Target: Arms, Shoulders, Core & Glutes

Funky Friday - Arms & Glutes

Target: Arms, Core & Glutes

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